Contingency Executive Recruitment

We, at KLS&A, can also assist you with the ‘Contingency Managerial Recruitment’ across industries, functions, and geographies on pan-India basis, for the senior and upper middle level positions:

The Senior Management positions (Mostly one or two level below the C-suite positions), e.g.

  • Vice Presidents/ Associate Vice Presidents /Assistant Vice Presidents (VPs/AVPs)
  • General Managers /General Managers (Sr. GMs/GMs)

The Upper Middle Management positions

  • General Managers /Asstt. General Managers
  • Functional Heads
  • Heads of Departments (HODs)

The Mid Management positions

  • Operating Managers for different functions.


‘Contingency Managerial Recruitment’ is different from the ‘Retained Executive Search’. Typically, in the Contingency Recruitment, the result of search, as the name indicates, is contingent, and a successful outcome of the recruitment efforts is not assured by the search firm (the final placement may or may not happen). The client may not give the mandate exclusively to the recruitment firm (though it is recommended for better results), and the concerned consultant at the recruitment firm may also work at multiple contingent recruitment assignments simultaneously. And the rigour of the due-diligence and home work in the contingency recruitment may not be as comprehensive and as in-depth as in the retained executive search. Also, in contingency recruitment, the fee is purely success-based, and is not linked to any milestone or progress parameters, and the recruitment firm becomes entitled to the fee only if the candidate for a particular vacancy is actually placed, and joins. The fee for contingency executive recruitment is usually lesser, and the replacement guarantee period is also shorter than the retained executive search. The practice of contingency recruitment arrangement is used mostly for the middle management level positions.

However, we at KLS&A endeavour to do a very serious and decent quality work even for the Contingency Managerial Recruitment for the senior as well as the upper-middle management level positions, by deploying our qualified and experienced consultants on such assignment; and put in a great deal of efforts so that the outcome is mostly of a reasonably high standard, far superior to those of most other recruitment firms, even the larger ones. KLS&A Advantage