Corporate Governance Advisory

No matter at what stage you are – small start-up company, or a mid-sized company preparing to take private equity funding, or a large well established company wishing to raise the governance standards to the higher level, we can help you.

In our governance practice, we guide our clients devise an appropriate Board Structure, man the Board with high calibre directors, introduce and implement the best governance practices.

We offer a range of governance services, as under:

  • Advice on the best governance practices, systems, and processes
  • Advice on the Board of Directors (BoD) structure and composition
  • Search for competent Independent Director/ Board Members to fill the Board positons (Read more: Leadership Hiring)
  • Search for competent Chief Corporate Counsels/Chief Compliance Officers/Company Secretaries
  • Represent as Nominee Director of the Investors (Private Equity, Venture Capitalist, Financial institutions) on the Board of investee companies
  • Acting as Investors’/lenders’ representative, monitoring governance practices, and financial performance of the Investee/borrower companies
  • Advice on Risk Management practices and processes
  • Advice on statutory compliance practices, reporting and monitoring systems and processes
  • Due diligence on the governance standards of the investee companies
  • Due diligence on the statutory compliances