Well-wishers speak

Dear Krishan, I am glad that you have launched your entrepreneurial venture KLS&A, Executive Search & Finance Consultants. Knowing you for so long, and having worked closely with you as a senior colleague at Batliboi, I am sure with your experience, industry knowledge,  multi-functional  expertise,  professionalism, and relationship-building skills,  you will soon build KLS&A in to a top ranking consulting firm.

Having personally interacted, I am impressed with your team, which is a good blend of experience and energy of bright young professionals. I am confident that under your able leadership, with your penchant for the excellence, your enthusiastic team will set new benchmarks for service excellence for the benefit of your customers.

All the Best Krishan to you and your team.  Let me know, if I could be of any help.

Ashok Joshi, Chief People Officer, Batliboi Group

Mr. Ashok Joshi
, Chief People Officer, Batliboi Group

I am happy to learn that Krishan L. Swami has now ventured on his own as an entrepreneur, and set up Krishan Lal Swami and Associates, Executive Search & Finance Consultants (KLS&A).

I have known Swami since 2000. Swami and I have been colleagues for nearly 8 years at Batliboi Group. Swami was a Board member of Batliboi Enxco Ltd., of which I was Managing Director. We have had chance to work together on many assignments, including a few windmill projects, and have also travelled abroad on business together a few times. Swami has significantly contributed to the success of Batliboi Enxo as a Director. I used to count on his advice on various strategic, financial, legal, and governance issues as the Group CFO, besides HR and corporate matters.  I have also seen him working untiringly and successfully for the turnaround and growth of other companies of Batliboi group.

In my view, some of the noteworthy qualities of Swami are: high integrity; ethical values; building trust and relationship; commitment; achievement-orientation; attaining results through good strategy execution; leadership; developing winning team, empowering, and leading them for superior performance. He takes his work seriously. He is a leader with high confidence, and Never say die attitude – Does not give up where others even do not dare to attempt. Professionally, he is well read, and is very knowledgeable on various corporate and management subjects; and has insights into engineering and other industries. Above all, he is a true gentleman with friendly and helpful nature.

I am confident, a leader of Swami’s caliber who has been a successful top corporate functionary, and has helped so many companies turnaround and succeed in his corporate career, will do well in his own consulting. I am also certain that with his stature, business network, professional acumen, industry knowledge, self-motivation, innovative mindset, service attitude, and drive to excel, KLS&A would always go an extra mile to delight its customers.  As Swami is known to raise the performance bar very high, please watch out, he might well redefine the service standards in his practice areas of the executive search & finance consulting in the times to come.

My congratulations and wishes to KLS&A Team!

V.K. Krishnan, Executive Director, Leitwind Shriram Manufacturing Ltd.  (A JV between Leitwind, Italy and Shriram EPC Ltd., India) – Manufacturer of Manufacturer of MW class Gearless wind turbines and 250KW wind turbines.

Ex-Managing Director, Batliboi Enxco P. Ltd. [A JV between EDF Renewable Energy (owned by EDF EN, France) and Batliboi group of India] read more

Mr. V.K. Krishnan
Executive Director, Leitwind Shriram Manufacturing Ltd.