Life @ KLS&A

Life at KLS&A is filled with freedom, fun, and opportunities to learn, earn, perform and grow.

Our team has people from diverse cultural backgrounds; and our work place beams with camaraderie and fun. While we believe in the team spirit, we also respect the dignity and respect of each individual team member.

We encourage a productive yet freedom oriented work culture – freedom to express oneself, to learn, and to work on projects of one’s choice and abilities. We believe in empowering our team members; and want them to be self-disciplined, so they are expected to work with minimal supervision. After the initial briefing, providing the required inputs, and clarifying doubts, if any, they are mostly left on their own to peacefully executive the assignment.

Youngsters are guided, coached and mentored by seniors. They get chance to work closely with veterans, interact with clients, learn industry best practices, upgrade their professional skills and most importantly learn the soft skills to groom themselves as more confident professionals. They usually start working on bigger assignments and senior positions relatively early, which mean an opportunity to learn, earn and grow faster. Also depending on the aptitude, our team members get opportunity to work on different roles – recruitment, head-hunting, client co-ordination, customer service, business development, funds raising, governance, or compliances; which means a well-rounded career development soon enough.

To train our team members, we occasionally depute them to relevant seminars and workshops. We also invite senior HR, finance, and other industry professionals to share their wisdom and experience with our team. Thus, our team gets a chance to interact with some of the best thought leaders, expanding their professional horizon and self-esteem, which helps them grow in their career.

We reward the meritocracy, which is the sole criterion to get ahead; without any discrimination.

We celebrate our team’s important events and laud their wins – small and big.

We provide good infrastructure and a healthy work environment. We believe that the work and personal life balance is important to sustain the employees’ productivity over the long run. Our people enjoy flexible timings; and weekly off-days on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month in addition to all Sundays; and a bouquet of holidays on most of the major festivals. We have well-defined leave policy (including for birthday, anniversary, education, sickness, and bereavement). We normally do not expect our team members to work late or work on an off-day/holiday. If at all someone works on a holiday in case of an exigency, s/he can avail a compensatory off day. We endeavour to be accommodative in case of any special situations faced by our team members. Employees are mostly consulted in framing policies for them.

Along with a competitive and fair fixed salary, we provide a very generous performance linked incentive, both of which together make a decent total pay package for the productive team members, who contribute to the success of the firm. We make it financially worthwhile for everyone to put in the best efforts. Employees’ dues are always paid on time.

We believe in providing the best possible work environment, treating our team members well, and building mutual bonds, so that they become our brand ambassadors for life, wherever they may be in future. Wish to Work at KLS&A?