Employees speak

I feel fortunate to be associated with KLS&A.The work environment at KLS&A is very supportive, and is filled with Fun, Caring, Opportunities, Sharing of Knowledge, Learning, Reward, and Recognition for good work. In my view, the firm’s focus on ethical working, high quality work, and customers’ satisfaction, is extra-ordinary. During my entire head-hunting and recruiting career, so far, I have not come across such rigorous efforts on the due diligence for shortlisting of the candidates’ profiles and the manner of presentation to the clients, as we do here at KLS&A. Also meeting or interacting with senior professionals in the course of our day-to-day work is intellectually enriching.

Good work is amply rewarded here. I was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed with the unexpected increment, which I felt was a bit too much and too soon, especially during the early start-up phase of the firm in the recession times. I believe, our management genuinely cares for its people, treats us fairly, and provides us good infrastructure as well as a lot of freedom, flexibility, guidance and support to help us succeed in our projects, develop and grow in our career and stature. I am truly happy to be here, and wish to continue contributing to the firm’s success in the long term. I wish all the Best to KLS&A! read more

Basant, C
Team Leader

KLS&A has a very healthy and supportive work culture, which helps its employees grow, meet goals and also follow the organisational ethics. It inspires people to contribute their best. We have a detailed Recruitment Validation & Screening process, which is unique and distinguishes us from other consultants. We have a lot of freedom, and flexibility for the work-life balance. We are rewarded and applauded for the jobs well done from time to time, which sure is very motivating. This is an absolutely transparent organization, high on ethics and values. I have also grown here professionally working on a variety of diverse projects. Itis an ideal company and a great place to work for young professionals.

Khushbu Rawal Khan
Team Leader

I am glad that I joined KLS&A as my first job at Mumbai. Coming from Delhi, and having earlier studied and worked at Bangalore, I was completely new to Mumbai. But the friendliness and warmth of people at KLS&A helped me feel at home soon. Being from the IT background, I was apprehensive of coming out of my comfort zone to work in the non-IT field. But our principal consultant and other team members encouraged and supported me in working on senior positions in other non-IT sectors, and helped me succeed in closing such positons. I think the level of guidance and support that I received here has been enormous.

KLS&A leadership has always encouraged us to focus on doing the right thing, rather worrying about the outcome. While allowing a lot of freedom, KLS&A has taught me to persevere and focus on the goal, despite the difficulties; and that has helped me emerge even more successful. I get opportunities to work on different projects that have scope to further expand my professional horizon. And of course, it feels nice to earn good incentive and commendation for my successful work.

While wishing better future ahead, I wish to thank KLS&A management and team to have trusted my abilities, and inspiring me to push myself higher and farther. I am very pleased to be working with KLS&A; and am looking forward to a long and successful inning.

Nidhi Gunjan
Sr. Consultant

Though, my association with the firm has begun recently, yet it has been a fruitful one. Here, I have been exposed to working on certain important projects and special assignments that I had not touched or had naive experience in my earlier employments. Our management has been nice to bestow an opportunity on me wherein I could explore my skills and expertise and put my best foot forward; thereby being constructive for the firm. The work environment here has always been open, free and amicable to work in; and it doesn’t take me a zilch to think about talking about any issue or matter (if there be one) with our Managing Director/Principal Consultant, or other colleagues. Overall a good and pleasant experience of being associated with KLS&A, and I yearn to be a part of it for many years to come.

Shelly Mangat
Sr. Consultant

It has been nice to be associated with KLS&A for over a year now. I had joined as a fresher, and was new to the recruitment industry. However, through the guidance and coaching by our team, I have developed into a confident recruitment professional; and am able to work on any given project. I have learnt to deal with senior people. I have got opportunities to be involved in different aspects of the professional assignments as well assisting in the firm’s operations. Overall, there is a greatcollegial and free environment to work in, with friendly and supportive colleagues. I thank our management for giving me a chance to start my career here. I would like to be part of the firm’s team on a long term basis, and grow with it.

Rashmi Bhat

I feel very happy working with KLS&A ever since I joined here more than a year ago. There is a productive work culture and a lot of positive energy around. I thank our team for supporting and guiding me through different stages of my career here. Every day, there are new learnings through exchange of ideas among our group, which help us hone our professional and personal skills. Looking back, I feel, I have been able to develop myself and grow in terms of my knowledge, skill and confidence; and of course also financially. I like working here, and wish to grow with the organisation.

Nilima Karande