Our Vision, Mission & Values



To be the most respected Indian consulting firm providing high quality & comprehensive business solutions; being a fair employer, partnering with high impact entrepreneurial teams that are ethical and committed to delight customers globally; and build enduring relationship and goodwill that creates value for all stakeholders, and help them grow.”



To be among the top 10 best leadership talent hiring  firms in India in 5 years; and also be well known for corporate finance, and governance solutions.”


Our Values:

Integrity and Ethics

Conduct our business affairs with the highest level of integrity and ethics.

Fairness & Objectivity

Be fair in our dealings with all – customers, candidates, employees, and all stakeholders. Be objective and impartial; and provide merit-based equal opportunity to all, without any favouritism or discrimination in the matters of employment and advancements.

Professionalism and High Quality Service

Conduct ourselves in a gentlemanly manner with utmost dignity and professionalism; use international best practices. Perform high quality and thorough work with due regard to timeliness. Delight customers with outstanding customer service, surpassing their expectations.

Transparency and Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Avoid conflict of interest. Be transparent, make necessary disclosures, where needed, and share accurate information with clients, candidates, and employees, while having due regard to the need for safeguarding the confidentiality where needed.

Maintain Confidentiality of Customers and Candidates

Respect the need for confidentiality; and use necessary caution and diligence in dealing with the confidential information entrusted to us by customers or candidates.

Loyalty to Customers

Our loyalty rests with our clients; and we would always maintain loyalty and safeguard our customers’ interest while representing them in the course of any assignment.


Encourage entrepreneurial spirit.  Treat Employees like partners, and handsomely reward them for the contribution they make for the firm’s success and growth.

Follow Long Term Approach and Build Enduring Relationships

Think long-term. Develop mutual respect and trust; and build lasting partnerships and goodwill with clients, employees, investors, vendors, service providers, and community. Create superior value for all stakeholders.

Be Good Corporate Citizen

Pay all due taxes and duly perform and discharge all statutory obligations in letter and spirit. Care for the environment and community, and stand-up for the genuine national cause, whenever necessary.