Our Search Methodology

We take a holistic approach to the executive search.  We aim to save our customers’ precious time and efforts. So, we do thorough homework and due diligence before recommending any candidate to them. We believe in following the industry’s best global practices. We apply a rigorous search methodology and follow carefully developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) that have been yielding positive results in placing high quality candidates successfully.

Although the intensity and degree of rigour and the exact details of the methodology would differ in the retained executive search mandate and the contingency managerial recruitment, a broad overview is as under:

  • We first thoroughly discuss with our client and understand their requirements and expectations about the desired candidate. Then we meticulously design the Job Specifications and the Company Information Memorandum, and get client’s approval for the same. We also discuss and understand from the client about the level of confidentiality desired to be maintained, and act accordingly.
  • Then, our team brainstorms and decides the search strategy; and conducts a comprehensive search to zero down on the prima-facie suitable candidates, using the appropriate tools, e.g.:  Read more..
    • Extensive internal database search by a specialist resource
    • Search of web portals and networking sites
    • Referrals and professional/personal networking
    • Industry-mapping & Head-hunting to reach out to passive candidates, where needed
    • Advertise on web job portals and professional networking sites, without disclosing client’s identity
    • Advertise in print media, if necessary, for senior positions (of course, in consultation with the client, with their prior permission and   budget approval)
  • A preliminary shortlisting is done through a telephone interview and due-diligence by our trained consultant to gauge suitability and interest of candidates. Personal interviews are invariably held with senior level candidates.
  • Our consultant then discretely shares the Job Specs and Company Information along with a specifically designed questionnaire with such candidates initially shortlisted.
  • The final shortlisting of the candidates is done after our internal discussion, cross-checks, and further well-structured telephonic/personal interview by senior/principal consultant, depending on the level of position, to ensure relevance, quality, and seriousness of the candidates.
  • We send a complete information dossier with a small number of the most relevant CV’s to client along with our comments/suggestions.
  • We co-ordinate and arrange interviews of the shortlisted candidates with the client; and support our client during the selection and salary negotiation process; and assist the client in conducting appropriate reference/background checks, as required/requested
  • It is our endeavour to place the most suitable candidate, who is the ‘best fit’ both professionally and culturally. The culture aspect is very important for the longevity of the placed candidate.
  • Our consultants keep in touch with the selected candidates during initial few months after he joins the client company until he comfortably settles down; and we do the needful as appropriate.
  • We do our best to have backup candidate(s) ready to meet any contingency.
  • Our team exercises utmost discretion during the hiring process to maintain the desired degree of confidentiality for both the client company and the candidate.
  • We continuously keep innovating, and improving our search methodology by incorporating the experience gained, the feedback from our clients and candidates, and the newer developments in the best global hiring practices.