KLS&A Advantage

We are aiming to be among the best in executive search consultants in India. We have set thecompetency bar pretty high for ourselves. We sincerely endeavour to follow the industry’s best global practices.  Some of the qualities that set us apart are as under:

  • Ethical and Value Based Practices: We strictly adhere to the ‘ethical’ and ‘value based’ practices; and stay off-limit to avoid any conflict of interest of any sort. We work with only a few best in class companies; and thus are able to exercise the discipline of staying off-limits.
  • Customer Centric and Long Term Relationship Approach: We believe in a ‘customer centric’ and ‘long term partnership building’ approach with our customers; and ‘adding value’ to their business as the trusted advisors. Relationships are more important to us than the mere commercials.
  • High Quality Work: We strive to excel and delight our customers. We have a clear focus on ‘quality’ and ‘timeliness’ (than mere numbers). We accept only that as much work as we can handle while maintaining our quality standard. Once we accept an assignment, we consider it as our duty to accomplish the task to the fullest satisfaction of our clients. We believe in first sufficiently building our own internal resources and competency in advance, before we go out in the market to seek business order for a particular industry domain.
  • Capable Team: Our team is amongst the best.We have a well-educated, trained, and experienced team of ‘full-time’ consultants of our own to have full control on the quality of work being performed. We do not outsource or engage freelancers. Our team has senior people with the actual industry experience and deep knowledge of business in various sectors, besides the well-honed functional expertise in leadership hiring.
  • Excellent Industry Knowledge and Contacts:
    • Our consultants have good knowledge of various industries. Some of our consultants have prior industry experience and therefore good industry contacts.
    • Our promoters themselves are accomplished professionals, who have worked at the top/board level with well-known conglomerates; have multi-disciplinary background, and insights into a variety of industry sectors. Their knowledge and contacts come handy to facilitate successful closure of a variety of mandates – for the C-suite level hiring, corporate finance, and governance
  • Smart and Proven Search Methodology: Our teams are intelligent, hardworking, and deadline conscious – striving for speedy response. They use multi-pronged recruitment sources: industry mapping, head-hunting, referrals, networking, extensive database of well researched quality resumes to reach out to the target candidates, including the passive ones, as needed. Here, we also bank on a large professional network of our promoters and our team to reach out to the potential candidates. Our team
    • Conducts well-structured, multi-stage telephonic/video/personal interviews of the candidates; besides strict due-diligenceand reference checks, as required, for niche positions.
    • Does a complete homework to present a few well-researched and shortlisted CVs with complete information dossier and our comments.
    • Aims for the perfect fit of the recommended candidates both ‘professionally’ and ‘culturally’.
    • Assists the client at every step in the hiring process, until the candidate is successfully placed and feels comfortable in the client’s organization.
  • Saving Clients Time: We aim to save our clients’ precious time, effectively reducing the overall hiring time with our proven methodology, and minimising the total time spent by the client in interviewing multiple candidates and back and forth communication
  • Industry’s Best Global Practices:We rigorously adhere to the professional standards, SOPs, internal quality process & standards, and SLAs; and we do not compromise on the quality.
  • Modern Infrastructure and Technology: We have good infrastructure, latest technology, know-how, and best resources for various sectors that we operate in; and are willing to invest further into mobilising specialised resources, if needed, for our customers’ requirement. We can quickly ramp up our resources to handle any special projects.
  • Able Relationship Managers: Once we sign a mandate with a client, one of our team members is assigned as the relationship manager, who acts as a single point of contact (SPOC) between the client and us; along with an escalation channel.
  • Institutional Tie-ups: We also have the institutional tie-ups with business schools and educational institutions for campus hiring / project recruitments.
  • Continuous Improvement: We seriously listen to our clients and candidates, and act on their feedback, and refine our methodology/SOP with their inputs and the experience gained, in our quest for continuous improvement.

It is our sincere endeavour to deliver the highest quality work, and see that we place the best suited candidate in fastest time, so that our client is able to quickly get on with their business, and speedily implement strategic plans.