I feel fortunate to be associated with KLS&A.The work environment at KLS&A is very supportive, and is filled with Fun, Caring, Opportunities, Sharing of Knowledge, Learning, Reward, and Recognition for good work. In my view, the firm’s focus on ethical working, high quality work, and customers’ satisfaction, is extra-ordinary. During my entire head-hunting and recruiting career, so far, I have not come across such rigorous efforts on the due diligence for shortlisting of the candidates’ profiles and the manner of presentation to the clients, as we do here at KLS&A. Also meeting or interacting with senior professionals in the course of our day-to-day work is intellectually enriching.

Good work is amply rewarded here. I was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed with the unexpected increment, which I felt was a bit too much and too soon, especially during the early start-up phase of the firm in the recession times. I believe, our management genuinely cares for its people, treats us fairly, and provides us good infrastructure as well as a lot of freedom, flexibility, guidance and support to help us succeed in our projects, develop and grow in our career and stature. I am truly happy to be here, and wish to continue contributing to the firm’s success in the long term. I wish all the Best to KLS&A!