I am glad that I joined KLS&A as my first job at Mumbai. Coming from Delhi, and having earlier studied and worked at Bangalore, I was completely new to Mumbai. But the friendliness and warmth of people at KLS&A helped me feel at home soon. Being from the IT background, I was apprehensive of coming out of my comfort zone to work in the non-IT field. But our principal consultant and other team members encouraged and supported me in working on senior positions in other non-IT sectors, and helped me succeed in closing such positons. I think the level of guidance and support that I received here has been enormous.

KLS&A leadership has always encouraged us to focus on doing the right thing, rather worrying about the outcome. While allowing a lot of freedom, KLS&A has taught me to persevere and focus on the goal, despite the difficulties; and that has helped me emerge even more successful. I get opportunities to work on different projects that have scope to further expand my professional horizon. And of course, it feels nice to earn good incentive and commendation for my successful work.

While wishing better future ahead, I wish to thank KLS&A management and team to have trusted my abilities, and inspiring me to push myself higher and farther. I am very pleased to be working with KLS&A; and am looking forward to a long and successful inning.